Unique constraint violation in vCenter Server 6.5 DB

Recently, at work, we experienced a power outage as did the rest of the island but I digress. Also recently, we upgraded to vCenter Server for Windows 6.5. The VC is virtualized, so it’s easy to take snapshots and revert when the proverbial muck hits the fan.

I always take it for granted that a power failure will invariably screw something up which, indeed, turned out to be the case. For some reason, the VC database ended up with duplicate records violating the unique constraint set up for the table in question. VC does not take took kindly too such nonsense and will refuse to start up before you fix the issue.

Note: You can check which vCenter Server services are running and which are not by running service-control –status from c:\program files\VMware\vCenter\bin.


What I am not sure about is whether the problem was caused by the power failure since we experienced a second re-occurrence following yet another unexpected reboot.

Thankfully, I came across this article by vMAN which explains how to fix it. I don’t have any screenshots as I was too busy fixing things to take any but the symptoms and cure were practically the same. The only difference lies is that I could not trace the offending VM that was generating the duplicate entries. The issue seems to be related to VMs configured with USB hardware.

To date – touching wood – VC is still up and running.

Other people have reported the same issue:


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